Recycling Home Run

When you recycle your everyday plastic packaging, you help keep valuable resources out of landfills—resources that can live on in useful new products, such as this T-shirt. How does it work? Used plastic bottles are melted and stretched into a fine thread, which is woven into soft, durable fabrics that then are made into a wide variety of fashionable and functional clothing, from swimsuits to sports jerseys and fleece jackets to little black dresses. And it’s never been easier to recycle your plastic bottles, containers, caps, lids, and wraps. #IRecyclePlastics

Recycling Home Run with Rockies' Michael Cuddyer

Want to Bat Cleanup?

Woman holding young boy recycling

Plastics Make it Possible® is making it easier than ever to hit a home run for recycling. The Plastics Make it Possible® recycling vending machine made an appearance at Denver’s Coors Field on June 25. Fans at the game can deposit a plastic beverage bottle into the vending machine for recycling in exchange for a free special-edition T-shirt that uses fabric made with recycled plastics.

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